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  1. When a friend of mine contacted me to ask about wedding favours for their 'lavender' themed wedding I was only too happy to oblige! As a newlywed it has been strange not spending every minute wedding planning so I was very happy to spend some of the hours I seem to have gained helping them out. 

    Julien and Agnieszka had a lavender themed wedding in Poland and after some deliberation and potion mixing decided upon lavender and bergamot scented bath salts. A great choice which has actually given me an idea for a new soap...they were kind enough to share some of the photos of the wedding and favours in situ...

    We think that the favours look great alongside the lavender and with the rustic yet classic decorations...


    J-5063 small

    J-5079 small

    J-5090 small

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  2. Here are some images of our latest Gardener's Soap - containing essential oils of lavender, rosemary and orange. The soap also contains pumace and poppyseeds to give working hands a really good scrub. 

    Gardeners soap with lavender and rosemary

    Gardeners soap with rosemary and orange

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  3. It's been just over a month since we exhibited our handmade soap at taste of Grampian and so we wanted to share some photos with you. It was such a fantastic day; talk about being lucky (again!) with the weather. 

    Let us know in the comments below if you came along and what other goodies you purchased. We were lucky enough to have two very good friends helping us so I was able to scoot round the fair in the afternoon. I bought some wonderful natural dog biscuits for Oscar as well as some beautiful peonies!

    If you were not able to make Taste of Grampian this year I am sure we will be there, keep an eye out on our events tab!

    Taste of Grampian

    Taste of Grampian

    Taste of Grampian

  4. Tips for preserving your soap

    We get many questions from customers about whether our bars of soap are ‘long lasting’. Our answer is of course yes, not only will the fragrance last longer than many other commercial bars but the bar itself is hard wearing and will not turn to mush after the first use!

     Having said that we thought we would share our tips for making your bar of soap last as long as possible: 

    1. Keep high and dry: Keep your bar of soap dry when you are not using it, away from the direct shower stream.
    2. Use a soap dish: We recommend that you use a soap dish to store your soap when you are not using it. This should ideally allow excess water to drain from your soap and will ensure you soap is ready for its next use.
    3. Use a washcloth/flannel: Limit the amount of soap you use by using a flannel to wash with. A shower sponge will also do the trick!
    4. Buy handmade: We (of course) would always recommend that you buy handmade soap, like the ones that we sell. These bars tend to be longer lasting both in fragrance and bar structure.
    5. Use the scraps: Put small leftover pieces inside a washcloth or a bag sewn from a washcloth, and use the whole thing like a bar of soap. If you like using soap this way, you canput the entire bar inside the bag from the beginning. 


    There is something really special about finding a bar of soap you absolutely love but like all good things they must come to an end. Hopefully you will find these tips useful in making your bar last as long as possible. 







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