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  1. Modern life can extremely stressful at times. The never-ending demands on your time, your money and your patience means you need somewhere to get away from it all, somewhere for a little bit of ‘you’ time. The bathroom might not be the first place that springs to mind but, with the right touches, it can be a haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re looking at your bathroom and thinking “no chance” then here are 6 tips for creating an oasis in the heart of your home.

    1 - Candle in the wind

    Lighting can have a dramatic affect on your mood. The lighting in a typical bathroom is generally too harsh to create a relaxing environment, but there’s always something you can do. The easiest thing to try is simply not to use it! Bathing in the dark is an interesting experience in itself, but better still, why not use some candles to really set the mood. Adding a selection of candles of different colours, sizes and scents around the room can create a beautifully serene scene while you wash away the rigours of the day. If candles aren’t your thing, then you could also change the bulb in the fitting to a lower wattage to lower the brightness. The best type of lighting to aid relaxation and create a cosy atmosphere is diffused white light, but the other option is to use a candlelight bulb. Made by Philips, they mimic the flickering light of a candle without the risk of burning your house down; which really isn’t very relaxing at all!

    2 - Size is important

    Showers aren’t relaxing. Fact. It’s a bath you need and it’s a bath you should be having. Preferably in the largest one you can find, afford or fit in the room. Once you’ve started the hot water running, you want some luxurious bubble bath to create a mass of bubbles so large you’ll be almost hidden behind them. Bubble baths are always better when the water is comfortably hot and you’re completely submerged in them. You’ll soon feel the stress of the day pop away with every bubble.

    3 - White wash away the stress

    We’d all love to have a spa style bathroom hidden away upstairs. Most bathrooms are the smallest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a spa-like experience. Choosing the right colour scheme in your bathroom can have a dramatic effect when it comes to making it your go-to place to unwind. If you can go for muted shades, pale pastels or an all-white palette of colours to calm the mind. Not only does it create a sense of space, it also allows the mind to focus on the less important things. If you’re looking at re-tiling, use similarly smoothing tones. If you can, incorporate the colour green somewhere in the room. Green is believed to foster a sense of balance and rest, so even if it’s only a soap, pot plant or towel bale, go green!

    4 - Groom With A View

    Achieving the perfect pamper room might not always be feasible, but could make all the difference. If your bathtub is already next to a window then you’re onto a winner. Sunlight is a natural mood booster so, if possible, try and bathe in the sun’s rays at the same time as you bathe out the days stress. If you can, open the window so you can look up at the sky whilst you soak. To be fair, the UK isn’t always blessed with the perfect weather for this so, if the weather isn’t playing fair or your bath isn’t next to a window, you can achieve a similar effect with some cleverly positioned mirrors. The outside can come inside very easily.

    5 - Sound of Silence

    With all the noise life can generate, you could be excused for thinking silence is the perfect companion for that little time alone. The problem with quiet is that it’s too easy for your brain to break the silence with thoughts about tomorrow or work or the kids….and we don’t want that. Grab some speakers, plug in your iPod and listen to some soothing, peaceful music. Some instrumental music works particularly well, but choose something that is sedate and isn’t going to get you in the mood to dance. You want the music to take you away, to a place of inner calm. Next time you’re passing iTunes, treat yourself to an album of ‘chill-out’ music. You’ll be glad you did.

    6 - Super Soaper

    Once you covered all the above, you’re almost ready to create the ultimate chill-out zone. There’s just one more thing you need, something to get you clean! What good would a bathroom be if you didn’t leave the room looking rejuvenated and smelling beautiful.  The best way to achieve this is also the least expensive; buy some gorgeous hand-made soap. When you’re soothing away the day, what better way than with some soap that’s been made with love by those who really care about the products they make…like us at the Cottage Soap Company! We even make some in green ;-)

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    6 tips to create a relaxing bathroom (1)

  2. When a friend of mine contacted me to ask about wedding favours for their 'lavender' themed wedding I was only too happy to oblige! As a newlywed it has been strange not spending every minute wedding planning so I was very happy to spend some of the hours I seem to have gained helping them out. 

    Julien and Agnieszka had a lavender themed wedding in Poland and after some deliberation and potion mixing decided upon lavender and bergamot scented bath salts. A great choice which has actually given me an idea for a new soap...they were kind enough to share some of the photos of the wedding and favours in situ...

    We think that the favours look great alongside the lavender and with the rustic yet classic decorations...


    J-5063 small

    J-5079 small

    J-5090 small

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  3. Here are some images of our latest Gardener's Soap - containing essential oils of lavender, rosemary and orange. The soap also contains pumace and poppyseeds to give working hands a really good scrub. 

    Gardeners soap with lavender and rosemary

    Gardeners soap with rosemary and orange

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  4. It's been just over a month since we exhibited our handmade soap at taste of Grampian and so we wanted to share some photos with you. It was such a fantastic day; talk about being lucky (again!) with the weather. 

    Let us know in the comments below if you came along and what other goodies you purchased. We were lucky enough to have two very good friends helping us so I was able to scoot round the fair in the afternoon. I bought some wonderful natural dog biscuits for Oscar as well as some beautiful peonies!

    If you were not able to make Taste of Grampian this year I am sure we will be there, keep an eye out on our events tab!

    Taste of Grampian

    Taste of Grampian

    Taste of Grampian

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